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There once was a blog named after an awesome baseball movie. I don’t know the Soccer Equivalent to Major League, if there is one. So, here we are. Deal with it.

Also, yup, Joboo is probably incorrectly named. IMDBs quotes page lists it as Jobu, now, I’m not saying Joboo has a SAG card, but, I am saying I probably made a mistake. And, I’m alright with that.

Soccer vs. Football

I’m calling the blog soccer, but, some of my posts will say football inside of them. It’s becoming easier and easier to refer to soccer as football, and, as an American, that kind of scares me. Plus, England developed the word soccer and gave it to us, BLAME ENGLAND. What, are we supposed to say, “hey, thanks for giving us this game called Soccer, it’s going to be ignored for like 85 years, but, hey, are you sure we should call it soccer?”

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