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Premier League Preview

NBC Sports seems to be doing a solid job so far in promoting the English Premier League. You’ve likely seen the Jason Sudeikis spot as Tottenham coach Ted Lasso. In addition to that, their main philosophy in promoting the sport seems to be by saying, “Yup, it IS ok to get drunk before 11am. Do it. Seriously. Fuckin’ do it.”

That solid promotion took a snag today when they tweeted out this picture:


Which was like 2 steps forward, 965 steps back. Seriously, save that graphic for hockey, because I have no idea how many points an overtime loss is worth. But, it’s kind of straight forward when it comes to soccer.

So, here now, some kind of preview of Premier League 2013-2014. Because, damn, that NBC Sports graphic is NOT cutting it. I’ll cover every team, and make some comparisons to The Wire, because, why the hell not.

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Wayne Rooney: Not to be sold, alleges The Guardian

Manchester United have taken the top-level decision that Wayne Rooney will not be sold to Chelsea no matter how much money is offered or whatever the potential risks of keeping an unhappy player. Their stance is irreversible and will represent a significant setback for José Mourinho, who had been under the impression a deal to take him to Stamford Bridge was only a matter of time.

From: The Guardian

I’m not sure if this was part of the package of PDFs that Edward Snowden gave over to The Guardian, but, this seemed rather obvious all along, despite Chelsea apparently bringing several bids. You shouldn’t sell top talent inside your league. That’s especially so when that other team is trying to knock you off your perch at the top.

Rooney got moved all over the place last season, and, really, Alex Ferguson retiring shouldn’t have been a surprise given that. He just didn’t give a damn about finding Rooney a role given the additions of Robin Van Persie and Shinji Kagawa. Here’s a hint…play Ryan Giggs a LOT less.